Do The Things In Life That Bring You Joy

Earlier this month, I asked each of you to “ignite your fire” and choose a long-held dream and passionately pursue that desire. With that in mind, I’d love to remind you this week to also “do the things that bring you joy!”

The sensation of joy is defined as one of the highest vibrational levels and a feeling of great happiness and delight. With the holidays upon us, it’s a wonderful reminder to do the things that put us in a joyous mood. But my challenge to you is to do the things that bring you joy every day . . . not just during special occasions. You may be wondering, Why in the world wouldn’t I be doing this? The reason is twofold: 1) your perception of the world around you, and 2) the conscious decisions you are making daily.

Let’s tackle “your perception of the world.” Have you ever found yourself feeling overwhelmed, angry, grouchy, or some other negative emotion because of what is going on around you? Guess what: you chose that feeling. You do have a choice about how you feel every moment of your life. To feel joy is to feel excited, and if you are feeling otherwise, stop and take a moment to calm down and center yourself. Come at the situation from a higher perspective.

Next, make a conscious choice and say, “I release these negative emotions, and I will focus only on feeling excitement for the remainder of my day.” To help you along, recall a funny thought from your past or a special moment in your life when you felt only pure joy. Was it the day you were married? The birth of a child? Perhaps a promotion for a job well done? Now, focus on finding that same feeling in your heart and hold it . . . you will notice your energy shift.

Try to do something every day that makes you feel good, even when life is mundane. For instance, even if you are clearing your house, sing a silly song to make it fun. Ideally, you’ll have days where you can choose to focus some time on things you truly love. Remember, if you choose to hold on to the negativity and perceive life through that filter, you will remain stuck, and opportunities to bring joy into your daily life will remain elusive. Do the things that bring you joy, and pretty soon almost every day will be filled with happiness and delight.

One of my favorite forms of joy is looking at artwork. This photo was taken last year when I attended Art Basel in Miami. I so enjoyed seeing the art exhibit that it put a big smile on my face and brought tremendous joy to my day.

I wish you a happy and joyous week ahead, my friends! XO Shari

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