The Universe Always Points Us In The Right Direction

The Universe always points us in the right direction . . . we just don’t always recognize it. To guide us along the way, we are often given signs or acknowledgments from spirit to help us learn and grow. The Universe is saying, “Look over here at this new thing! You may be happier giving this a try.” But sometimes our lives are so busy that we choose to ignore these signs and continue making decisions exactly the same way we always have—and with exactly the same results. We feel unsatisfied and out of alignment with our life’s true purpose.

Simply put, signs will appear along our path to grab our attention so that we can make changes that lead us to our highest and best good—we just need to pay attention. The Universe always points us in the right direction.

In my upcoming book, Journey of the Lightworker, my main character Kyra begins to notice the signs the Universe is sending her after a long period of choosing to ignore them. Before she embraces these signs, she feels frustrated and cannot understand why her life is empty and unfulfilling. But once she recognizes the signs that were springing up all around her and begins to make changes, her life transforms in truly amazing ways. She finds herself pointed in the right direction—on the path the Universe intended for her all along.

How would you recognize signs from the Universe? Signs that point us in the right direction can be almost anything. They may be subtle, like seeing a rainbow as an acknowledgment of something you thought about pursuing; hearing or seeing a word or phrase that resonates with you and sends you a special message; or spying an image that momentarily grabs your attention, causing you to pause and think about its meaning. Sometimes the signs aren’t so subtle. You may get some news suggesting that it’s time to move in a totally different direction. It’s really about noticing the signs (both the subtle and not so subtle) and embracing the message on a deeper level, and then setting your course of action accordingly.

It’s also important to ask for the signs if you are not sure what changes to make.  For example, I was struggling with a decision I was trying to make. I had logically decided, “Yes, I need to move on—this is going nowhere!” Then I received guidance that was not the answer I expected at all. I thought, How can I be sure this is what I’m meant to do? I thought of my answer and spoke aloud, “Universe, if I need to continue to be patient and see what unfolds, I ask for unequivocal signs for the next three days that this is the right answer!” I then asked for three specific types of signs that would have particular meaning for me—and then I was shocked!

For three solid days, I saw rainbows everywhere. There was one the next morning when I stepped outside on my balcony. Then there were mini rainbows in my house from the sunlight shining through the windows. And, when I went to a hair appointment, there was a rainbow on the wall at the hair salon! I also saw red cardinals whenever I stepped outside for my morning and afternoon walks those same three days—not even subtle! They landed in front of me ensuring I wouldn’t miss them. Third, I saw the numbers 222 virtually everywhere I looked: on clocks, in email message, on taxis—and even on billboards. The meaning of 222 is “Don’t give up before the miracle.”

The signs all told me what to do—be patient. And, after the third day, the signs completely stopped. I had my answer.

This week, I choose to look for the signs the Universe is sending me and embrace them for my highest and best good. After all, the Universe always points us in the right direction—if we just choose to pay attention. XO Shari

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