Ignite Your Fire!

“You know that it would be untrue, You know that I would be a liar, If I was to say to you, Girl, we couldn’t get much higher . . . Come on, baby, light my fire!” —Jim Morrison, The Doors

 Here’s my thought for this week: Ignite your fire! With the holiday season upon us, we often find ourselves in a more uplifted mood. Many of us have been attending fun events and sharing quality time with our family and friends. With this joyous mindset, consider taking the next step in your journey: ignite your fire—or passion, as I like to call it!

When we are in a celebratory mood, we naturally exude excitement. And when we are excited—we are passionate—and our dreams come true because nothing can hold us back. If we approach each day with great passion, and continue to take the steps necessary to manifest our dreams, our enthusiasm helps attract exactly what we desire the most.

I attended a holiday party last year where I had a deep discussion with a friend. We were talking about the times in our lives when we’d made great changes. I volunteered that, while I now was blessed to be working from home as a consultant, but my true passion lay in the book I’ve been writing. However, I was struggling to find enough time to properly get it into final form for publishing.

My dear friend offered some awesome advice: “Do what you’re most passionate about—and ignite your fire! Follow your heart and prosperity will surely follow . . . Besides, you can gently shift more of your work time into your book and still make a reasonable living, yes?”

Well, that was exactly what I needed to hear! On January 1st, I took her advice and shifted more of my time into my passion—my book. But, more importantly, I decided not to feel guilty about pursuing my dream.

My friend snapped a wonderful photo of me gazing into a bonfire that night. Although I had to be really careful not to accidentally singe my hair, I enjoyed the heat of the flames nonetheless! Afterward, my friend nudged me and asked, “So, Shari, did you ignite your fire? And will you follow your passion?” I replied with a resounding, “Why, yes, I certainly did! Thank you!” (You have to love your friends and their heartfelt advice.)

This week, I am reminded to follow my passion and . . . light my soul on fire! I challenge you to ignite your fire, too, and pursue something that gets you excited—then passionately follow the path you envision. In my upcoming novel, Journey of the Lightworker, my main character, Kyra, ignites her fire and passionately pursues a new career unlike anything she’s ever done before. It is, after all, the journeys we embark upon where the real fun begins. XO Shari

4 thoughts on “Ignite Your Fire!”

      • First,I love “The Doors”reference, one of my favorites!Second I’m not sure what I’m passionate about. How did you know? Happy upcoming NewYear Shari hope our paths cross soon!

        • Hi Mary Beth. I appreciate your lovely note! If you are not sure what you’re passionate about, ask yourself: What gets you the most excited in life? What brings you the most joy? The answer to these questions may shed some light. I truly hope that 2020 is your best year ever and I look forward to meeting you soon. Much love. Shari


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