Infinite Possibilities Are Born Of Faith

Today is December 24th—the day before Christmas when we Christians joyously celebrate the birth of Jesus. Even if Christmas isn’t part of your religious celebrations, there’s still a transformative message here:  The birth of Jesus symbolizes that infinite possibilities are born of faith. No matter what your religious foundation may be, we find strength in our faith. And no matter what is going on our lives, God will provide us with infinite possibilities to achieve our desires.

It’s true that not everything we desire will manifest quickly. Sometimes, we even get frustrated and wonder, When will my luck change? This past year, I patiently waited for something very near and dear to my heart to manifest: a significant relationship. It’s true I’ve been blessed in so many ways with good health, abundance, friends, and even finding my life’s purpose, but the one thing I desired most was the one thing that was slow to manifest in my life. I struggled, experiencing both good and bad days—and sometimes my faith waivered. But every single day, I counted my blessings for all the amazing things that I have manifested in my life.

I realized that I overcame each obstacle because I believed that infinite possibilities are born of faith—and one by one, I turned each situation in my life around. I overcame health issues and healed them; I transformed financial lack into financial abundance; I created the ability to work from home instead of driving to a stressful job; and I attracted many wonderful friends, who became a substitute for the family I hadn’t been blessed with. It’s true that I’ve worked very hard for everything I received—perhaps just like you—but the moment I was about to give up was the moment I called upon my faith. And, by doing so, I discovered that God has been there with me all along, even carrying me at times when I didn’t think I could walk another step.

While we will always have “free will” and the ability to choose which path we take every single day, I choose to believe that infinite possibilities are born of faith. By keeping love and faith in our heart, our dreams are just around the corner waiting to arrive. Today, I ask you to also dig deep into your heart and think about something you’ve desired for a long time that has yet to manifest in your life. Then, take a moment to picture it in your life and believe it will come to you. Next, simply release it into God’s hands for divine perfect timing, knowing it will arrive when you least expect it.

Remember infinite possibilities are born of faith—and this holiday season, I send you much love and blessings, my sweet friends. Thank you for being an amazing and wonderful part of my life. XO Shari

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  1. Enjoyed your blog. When exercising faith we must always remember that faith is only as valid as the object in which we place it. Jesus is the true redeemer.


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