The First Step In Our Journey: Releasing Fear

In my last post, I talked about the Art of Transformation and the miracles in store for us, but how do we go about starting the process of change? Every journey requires a first step. I think the best analogy I can offer is to imagine yourself as a huge, beautiful sailboat. You’re docked safely at the marina, and everything you need for your long trip is onboard. It’s simply time to say, “Bon voyage,” set sail, and begin your journey! Still, it isn’t easy to head off into uncharted waters. So, what’s our biggest hindrance? Ah, yes . . . our fears.

Fear can keep you from untying your sailboat from the dock. It can so tightly grip you that you never set sail on a voyage of discovery—and you end up missing the adventure of a lifetime. You were too afraid to act. In fact, fear can keep us forever tied to our comfortable surroundings. How do we let go of fear and move our sailboat—our lives—forward?

Eleanor Roosevelt has a most wonderful quote on this topic: “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.” In my life, that is exactly what I finally did! I simply forced myself to do new things despite my fears.

When I was in my twenties, I was fearless. The Universe was mine to explore and enjoy. But somehow, in my thirties, I started to change; I became a bit too settled in my life. I had a routine—a steady job and a husband. We struggled with our hectic schedules and trying to ‘make ends meet.’ Eventually I found myself becoming unhappy. I developed a resistance around change: Fear.

When I reached my forties, I came to the point at which I released my fear and made major changes in my life. I ended my marriage, moved halfway across the country to a new job, and began trying things I never thought I could do. And, when I felt the “old” fear begin to creep up on me, I quickly said a resounding, “No! I will not allow that anymore!” I kept moving my life forward.

In my upcoming book, Journey of the Lightworker, my main character Kyra overcomes her fear of going off into the unknown. She is propelled forward on an unexpected journey across three continents. In that process, she learns to let go of her fears—and her life changes in ways she never dreamed possible. The end result is remarkable—because she lets go of her fears, she becomes an inwardly confident woman.

Don’t let your fear keep you tied up to the dock. Set sail and see what God has planned for you. XO Shari

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