The Power Of Positive Intention

I was sitting on my balcony enjoying my morning coffee when a thought brought a smile to my face. How often have I gotten up in the morning and dragged myself into the kitchen to make my morning coffee? I couldn’t wait for it to brew, sitting there staring at the pot and wondering, “When will it be done?” Okay, I’m not always known for my patience, but I decided to shake things up a bit this morning and made a cappuccino instead—putting a great big heart  in the middle!

Maybe that sounds a bit silly, but as I was slowly savoring my cappuccino, a thought came to me: “Uhm, maybe I’ll summon up the power of positive intention today!” After finishing my tasty beverage, I did my morning meditation and set some very specific positive goals for my day. I also asked God and the angels for a little assistance, too. (Can’t get enough divine help, I always say.) And then I got busy and went about my day. Well, much to my surprise, many good things came my way.

The issue I’d been having with the water company was finally resolved after nearly three years. They agreed to refund my $100 deposit. Then, within a day, a client called me up with a bunch of new work projects—yeah! I had asked for that, too. And, to make my life totally complete, I requested something silly: a red cardinal to signify love was on its way. While I do have cardinals in my neighborhood, it had been quite a while since I’d spotted one. To my delight, I stepped outside for a quick walk and instantly saw the male bird perched in a palm tree. He looked me in the eye and then flew off—giving me a wonderful sign from heaven.

It’s true our lives don’t always go as we plan, but we can definitely use the power of positive intention each and every day. Some days are crazy—and our lives can take unexpected twists and turns. But it’s how we handle the wild and crazy ride that’s most important. We can choose to laugh in the face of adversity and set a positive intention no matter what we encounter along the way. It is about enjoying our journey as we travel to our final destination.

Much love and positive thinking this week! XO Shari

2 thoughts on “The Power Of Positive Intention”

  1. Thank you for this this morning. So often I wake with the best of intentions, hoping to see signs of positive change in my life and business. The problem is, as I get busy in my day I forget to see the signs that may well be right in front of me. The key is to remain intentional and look for those signs 🙂

    • Thank you Tracey for your beautiful comment. Yes, it is so important to take a moment during our busy day to refocus. God sends us signs in so many wonderful ways. I’m very excited to hear positive change is underway in your life. Much love my Lightworker friend 🙂


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