Your Body Is A Temple—Treat It Like One

While I’m a great proponent for our mental and spiritual well-being—I started thinking the other day about my physical body. I had become a tad run down, not getting enough sleep, and my recent food choices could have been better, too. Feeling a little stressed, I grabbed some chocolate cake for dinner and a glass or two of wine, only to wake up the next morning with a sugar hangover. Perhaps a better plan was in order to cope with my stress, and I thought: If we are to be great spiritual warriors, shouldn’t we also take excellent care of our physical bodies, too? Then it dawned on me, your body is a temple—treat it like one!

Yes, the human body is an amazing creation. And while God made each and every one of us beautifully different on the outside, we all share the same internal stuff. It’s almost mind-boggling the daily functions that our stomach, liver, colon, spleen, thyroid gland, heart, brain, bones, etc. perform. Plus, we’re comprised of more than 100 trillion cells, taking in nearly 20,000 breathes of air a day. Wow! With all this in mind, you might think we’d take a little better care of the vessel that houses our spirit made in God’s image.

Not being one to preach, I will offer you advice for a simple, effective plan to nourish your body:

  1. Sleep. This is number 1 on my list for feeling good. Without this, nothing else matters.
  2. Food. Eat as many real, whole, raw foods, as possible and avoid processed foods whenever you can. Meat and dairy in moderation.
  3. Water. Drink as much as you can every day, taking in the least amount of soda, coffee, caffeine, and alcohol as possible.
  4. Exercise. Do something physical every day. Walk, ride a bike, or go to a workout class. Get your blood pumping and your circulatory system in motion!
  5. Mind. Read something intriguing and positive each day. Stimulate your brain.
  6. Ears. Listen to pleasant words, music, or conversation. Feed your heart center with the uplifting sounds.
  7. Mouth. Use your voice to speak wisely and with conviction. Use positive words to inspire others.
  8. Eyes. Look at something beautiful and real every day—the sunrise, nature, art, a child’s face, or a loved one.
  9. Hands. Use them to touch gently and with love.

Remember, your body is a temple—treat it like one. Yes, an occasional piece of chocolate cake (or a glass of two of wine) won’t harm us. But, overall, if we’ve taken good care of our bodies, then our bodies will allow us to do all the wonderful things in life we desire for many years to come. To good health my friends! XO Shari

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