Embracing Change

This weekend I was reminded about the importance of embracing change. To embrace something is to accept it with open arms, and making a change involves moving forward with something new. As I’ve shared previously, I do adore an adventure—so doing something different and exciting is not new to me. But, sometimes, I’m still guilty of not fully embracing change because I may view that particular change as difficult. I falter at the “accepting and welcoming it” part.

This realization came to me after I had set the intention to attract more abundance into my life. While that seems pretty straightforward, the abundance I requested manifested in the form of a new and difficult work project. I found myself scared to do something outside my comfort zone. Plus, it involved working some late-night hours. I began to dig in my heels, thinking . . . Argghh, do I really want that big work project now? Then it occurred to me: I was not willing to fully embrace the wonderful changes I had requested! Shifting my perspective was in order.

As I’ve discussed previously, we have to initiate our process of change by releasing our fears. Then if we take a risk and shake up our daily routines, the best things in life will come to us. But do we embrace the changes that start to occur after we’ve taken these important first steps? Or do we go back into our comfort zones and try to avoid the changes that begin showing up in our lives?

Often, we do fight these new changes as they enter into our lives. We declare, “No, I don’t want to do that any differently!” Instead, we try to do something exactly the same way we’ve always done it. The next step in our journey is to begin embracing change. If we’ve set our intention and new opportunities show up, we then have the duty to follow through—and fearlessly do something in a different way. We shouldn’t ignore these opportunities.

When something outside our comfort zone presents itself to us, it’s really our highest good trying to unfold. Change allows us to grow and learn something new or to be with someone new or to face a challenge. It tests our fortitude and ingenuity. Our challenges are our greatest gifts because they allow us to learn and expand.

Today I embrace all the new changes coming into my life. I know they are for my highest and best good. I invite you this week to look for the changes showing up in your life and say, “Yes! Thank you, Universe, for helping me learn and grow. I am ready!” Namaste, everyone! XO Shari

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