The Voice! . . . And To Speak Our Truth

Betcha didn’t know that I’m a new judge on the hit realty TV series The Voice! Okay, that’s just wishful thinking . . . but daydreaming about it did help me come up with the idea to share the concept of using our voice—not just to sing, but to speak our truth.

What does it mean to speak our truth? There can be many definitions; I like to think of it as speaking honestly, but compassionately, which allows us to be our authentic self. To speak honestly means to tell someone what you are really thinking. Often, this person may not be in agreement with you, so a decision needs to be made: How much do you tell someone, but more important, how do you tell them?

The best example I can give you of speaking your truth comes from a close personal friend of mine. I’ll keep her name confidential, but I adore her direct and confident manner in speaking her truth. I began to observe this quality in her, and I was fascinated! I also realized this was not one of my strengths, but something I wanted to improve. Too often I’d allow someone to act poorly, then I’d just sweep the conflict under the rug to avoid confrontation. But not my dear friend! She very politely—and very directly—speaks her mind.

We were with another friend having a “girls’ night out” to catch up with one another. Fairly quickly our pleasant conversation turned sour when the mutual friend began whining about the lack of a mate in her life. We were supportive at first, but she continued to complain about her recent dates until the conversation grew tiresome. My dear friend turned toward her and interrupted. “Would you like some cheese with that wine?” she asked with a soft smile, and then politely requested that she stop “whining.” Our friend looked surprised, but immediately put the brakes on, and our conversation shifted to more positive topics—which also lightened her mood and helped her focus on the good things in her life.

Speaking our truth isn’t always easy to accomplish, and finding the courage to do so can be equally challenging. This is often the case when it involves a close relationship or a friend. However, we can choose to speak our truth in a very loving and positive manner. By telling someone what we are thinking in a kind way, we clear the way to manifest what we truly desire—an authentic relationship based on honesty.

This week, I endeavor to speak my truth for the highest and best good of all. I will speak it in a loving, but honest, manner. I look forward to hearing your stories of speaking your truth, too. Please drop me a note. Congratulations on finding your loving, crystal-clear voice! XO Shari

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  1. I truly enjoyed this article Shari because you shed a positive light on the truth tellers. I am known to be a truth teller and while many appreciate this trait, not all embrace it. I try and practice compassionate delivery but some truths are “hard”. Thank you for highlighting the value of the truth tellers out there?


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