Let Loose And Have Some Fun!

I often read a daily message from God on an inspirational website simply because I enjoy seeing what comes up each day. This past week, I burst out laughing when the message read: “Today we believe God wants us to know it’s okay to let loose! It’s been a while since you’ve planned something completely spontaneous. Today do something fun and silly . . . Enjoy yourself!”

This made me wonder: How often do we receive a message from God that it’s okay to let loose and have some fun? I mean seriously, does the big guy upstairs really want us to enjoy life or should we be much more reserved in our approach to our relationship with him? I pondered this a bit, and I realized that if God loves us, then perhaps it is in our highest and best good if we let loose and have some fun!

You’d probably think that having fun would not be an issue for anyone, and of course having fun is always about making good choices, too. But I’ve had a tendency to work just a bit too hard, only to realize that I needed some time off to let loose and have some fun. To be truthful, I must admit that really letting loose is something I’ve had to work on!

With this in mind, I recalled the time when a friend wanted me to go “mudding.” When I asked him what “mudding” is, he explained that we’d be in an open Jeep with our friends, and we’d race the vehicle through huge mud-covered fields—getting completely splatted and covered in mud . . . aka “mudding.”

Being one who prefers my hair and makeup to be properly fixed, I was only just okay with the idea. However, when the Jeep started racing and I got splattered with mud, I began to laugh. And once I started laughing, I got mud in my mouth! I just couldn’t stop giggling. I later told my girlfriends that getting a free mud treatment was priceless . . . they looked at me like I had gone insane.

If you receive a message from God in the form of an invitation or a sign that it’s time to let loose and have some fun—do something silly and spontaneous. Plan an event with friends who make you laugh. After all, life is meant to be enjoyed. Look for the opportunities that come your way and remember, there are no coincidences in life. Watch for your own message from God’s that it’s time to let loose and have some fun—and please enjoy yourself responsibly. XO Shari

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