May The Force Be With You

“You cannot bring light to the darkness; you can only bring the darkness to the light.” —Marianne Williamson

There’s a little-known fact about me—I’m real sci-fi geek! Yes, I admit it. Even as a child, I always wanted to travel to a galaxy far, far away . . . and boldly go where no man had gone before. Even now, I still enjoy a good sci-fi adventure. In fact, I remember anxiously awaiting the release of the Star Wars film: The Force Awakens a few of years ago. New characters were introduced, but we still had our old favorites—Princess Leia, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, and of course, the adorable gold droid C-3P0 and his sidekick R2-D2. The Jedi Knights were back! And their mission was to reawaken the “light side” of the Force—always declaring, “May the Force be with you.”

Uhmm . . . This got me to thinking: Can we really choose to live our lives on the light side versus the dark side? And why would we choose the latter? To live your life on the light side of the Force infers that you focus positively with love and compassion; while the dark side is destructive behavior feeding off negative emotions such as fear, anger, jealousy, and hate.

I think we’ve all experienced those low moments in our lives when we fell to the dark side for a time. I recall a period in my life when I had reached a low point and began to focus on negative events. I expected things to go wrong . . . and my feelings of anger and fear, not to mention complaining, supported this. I finally hit a wall and realized: This is not the life I intended to live . . . and I forced myself shift my focus. While we do not have control over the events in our lives, we do have control over how we deal with them. The film “The Force Awakens” reminded me that our lives are all about the choices we make.

You can choose to live your life on the light side or you can choose instead the dark side. As a Lightworker, I now choose the light side, but sometimes, I have an occasional dark day, too. The key is to remember to choose wisely . . . and may the Force be with you!

Much love and light this week! XO Shari

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