Give Thanks Every Day For Your Blessings

Thanksgiving is almost upon us—and what a wonderful inspiration for my topic today! This, of course, is the day you gather together with family or close friends, have a lovely dinner, and give thanks right before consuming a huge meal. Do you only give thanks once a year on this special holiday? If so, what if you choose instead to give thanks every day for your blessings? How abundant would your life feel?

I was thinking back to several years ago when I volunteered to be a food server for Thanksgiving dinner. We served delicious turkey dinners to over 300 people at the Wayne Barton Study Center in Boca Raton, Florida. How inspirational that experience was for me—and so heartfelt in helping those in need. For many of the folks who attended the dinner, this was the only hot, wholesome food they’d had in many, many months. I felt so privileged to participate in this amazing program, and it reminded me to be grateful for all the wonderful things in my own life.

Wayne Barton, the man who founded this center, is such an inspiration to me. He didn’t have much early in his life and grew up modestly. He eventually became a police officer and took on one of Boca Raton’s toughest neighborhoods. After eradicating much of its crime and drug scene, he returned the neighborhood to its honest and respectful residents. He then began to offer even more help by purchasing school supplies out of his own pocket.

Wayne next took the initiative to start a rewards program, teaching children and families that with hard work, they too could transition out of poverty. He taught the principle of helping those in need, and now those same folks are eternally grateful to him for turning their lives around. After 20 years as a police officer, Wayne retired and started his center. Today the center helps local children with numerous programs focusing on health, education, and welfare.

By sharing Wayne’s story, I hope I’ve inspired you to be grateful and to give thanks for all the awesome things in your life that you’ve attracted—and hence my thought for this week: don’t just celebrate thanksgiving one day a year, give thanks every day for your blessings.

Tomorrow morning choose one aspect of your life that you are grateful for. Take a moment to reflect upon your gratitude for this wonderful blessing in your life. Feel good about the fact that you attracted it! Then, every morning, do the same thing upon awakening—reflect upon your gratitude before getting out of bed. You will feel amazing as you start the day, plus you will be attracting even more good stuff your way. Yes, it feels great to give thanks every day for your blessings.

This week I am grateful for my health, my wonderful home, my ability to provide for myself, my amazing adventures, and my learning opportunities. But, most important, I am grateful for all my wonderful friends and family. Have a truly blessed Thanksgiving, everyone! XO Shari

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