Follow Your Dream To Wherever It Takes You!

Follow your dream sounds like a simple process, doesn’t it? So what gets in the way? Frequently our lives become so busy that we forget what our dream is—much less take the time to pursue it. Today, I was thinking about my long-held dream of becoming a writer. I didn’t think it was possible because I’d let fear get in my way. But then one day, I mustered up my courage and I sat myself down. I simply began to write. The words didn’t come easy to me at first, but with much dedication and practice, the words began to flow. . . .

The first step to follow your dream is to create a vision of exactly what it is you desire to do. As children, we had vivid imaginations. We dreamed of adventures in far-off lands, we dreamed of becoming the President of the United States, and we dreamed of being an artist or a scientist—or something in between—just because we were inspired. By tapping into that same vivid imagination we had as children, we can once again dream big and create our vision.

Next on the agenda is to outline the steps to make your goal a reality, and then follow that dream wherever it takes you. Make time to figure out how to get there, and then every day, take a step forward—no matter how small. Refuse to give up and don’t let fear get in the way of following your dream.

My upcoming novel, Journey of the Lightworker, begins with a recurring childhood dream. It’s a delightful journey through a magical forest along a winding path that takes my character to a most unusual destination. Kyra, as she is called, rediscovers her lost childhood dream and her life suddenly takes a leap forward in a most unexpected, but wonderful way.

Kyra learns along her journey that her dream is real, and by following her path, she is led to true happiness. . . . Follow your own dream wherever it takes you, and your heart will always be filled with love. XO Shari

3 thoughts on “Follow Your Dream To Wherever It Takes You!”

  1. Love your positive thinking. This is how I believe and try each day to stay focused on what it is that I need improve in my life. Life is lesson that are all blessings ?????

    • Thank you so much Brenda for sharing your lovely thought! Yes, our lessons can be a blessing, if we choose to look at things that way. Love it!


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