Self-Love—The Greatest Love Of All

Yes, it’s finally February—the month of love . . . and Valentine’s Day! We can celebrate Valentine’s Day only on the fourteenth or choose instead to celebrate all month long! Better yet, this month, let’s choose to celebrate the power of self-love—the greatest love of all. After all, the first step in all loving relationships begins with you.

Love is no doubt one of the most powerful forces in our world. It helps us attract everything that’s positive and good into our lives. But without loving ourselves first, no one else can love us either. So, what does “self-love” mean? To love yourself is to have a strong regard for your own well-being and to be happy with who you are and what you do. It includes self-care, self-nurturing, and just plain liking yourself exactly the way you are right now.

I experienced my own personal struggles with self-love early in my childhood. I grew up thinking I wasn’t worthy of anyone’s love. I’d learned from my parents that I had to please others, or they wouldn’t love me. Later, teenage friends and TV shows influenced my beliefs, leading me to think that I needed to look and act in a “perfect” manner—or my friends would not accept me.

It wasn’t until many years later that I finally figured out, “Hey, I’m really awesome just the way I am—flaws and all!” I embraced my impatience, my sometimes blunt tongue, and that I would never be an outstanding athlete. I took my own long journey of self-discovery before I truly learned to appreciate myself exactly the way I am right now. And, by doing so, I’ve continued to attract others into my life who are capable of loving me for who I am, too—not the perfect person I once imagined I needed to be, but a genuine, authentic woman with a really huge heart.

In my newly released novel, Journey of the Lightworker, my main character Kyra goes through a similar transformational process and rediscovers self-love. She learns that she does not have to be externally perfect to feel amazing love internally. First, she discovers the love of nurturing friends, which then leads her to embrace the power of self-love. Through this experience, she becomes open to meeting the man of her dreams. Only after she chooses to love herself, including her flaws, does the relationship manifest.

This month, I inspire you to fill the entire month of February with love! Send love to yourself every morning and feel blessed for exactly who you are right now—a divinely perfect being. And send love to those around you who are not in a good place—maybe a family member or friend. Reach out to someone today and say, “I may not have told you this recently, but I love you,” or simply send him or her a positive loving thought instead. They will feel your loving vibration and respond to you in ways you didn’t think were possible. As Louise Hay says, “Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.”

Have a wonderful love-filled month! I’m excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day with you—and our month of self-love—the greatest love of all. XO Shari

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