Choose To Be Happy And Dance In The Rain

With the arrival of March 20, we have the start of the spring season! And, here in Florida, we do love our afternoon showers—“spring showers,” as I like to think of them. But during a recent rainy weekend, I momentarily got grumpy thinking: This is going to mess up my plans!  I quietly shifted my mind and reflected back on my childhood. I remembered how much I loved stormy weather. Back then I would choose to be happy and dance in the rain.

On those scorching summer afternoons as a child, I’d put on a huge beaded headdress and pretend to be an Indian princess. Then, I’d step outside and say a prayer to the Indian Gods, asking for the rain to cool things down. Next, I’d do an Indian dance, making loud chanting sounds as I imagined the real Indians might do. I’d watch the afternoon thunderclouds roll in (as they typically did), but I truly believed that when it finally poured rain, it was magic—and I had been the one to invoke the showers. 

What a wonderful thought to start our week off—to choose to be happy and dance in the rain! Choosing to be happy in any situation takes practice and doesn’t always come naturally. Too often when life is stormy, we see the gray clouds, the gloom, and we think, Argggh . . . that’s ruining my day!  But rain is life-giving and nourishing. It’s simply part of the life cycle, returning the water to the plants and animals in our wonderfully balanced ecosystem.

Today, I challenge you to choose to be happy when it’s stormy. . . And do your own dance in the rain.

Have an awesome week ahead! XO Shari

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