Taking Time For Ourselves: Stop And Smell The Roses

I was reminded this past week about how important taking time off can be—and that we should enjoy the simple pleasures in life. I’d let my crazy schedule get the best of me, only to realize that I was not taking any time for myself to simply “be.” Seeing how frazzled I was, a good friend pointed out to me, “Shari, if you never take time to stop and smell the roses, you’re missing half the fun in life!” The truth of her words rang in my ears, and I suddenly remembered the importance of taking time for ourselves.

I decided to sit myself down and look at my schedule to see what changes I could make. Yes, it can be insane how much I jam into a single day, but I made a pledge to carve out 30 minutes every day to “stop and smell the roses.” Next, I made a list of activities I find relaxing and fill me with joy. For me, the simple pleasures in life include spending time in nature, sitting by the ocean, looking up at the stars, and yes, really stopping to smell flowers when I go on a walk! With my list complete, I took my first 30-minute break to sit in nature—and voila! I was on my way to enjoying life the way the way we were meant to.

I pulled out this photograph from a few year ago as a reminder of this very topic. It was taken near Yellowstone National Park where I did indeed stop to smell the roses—or, in this case, the beautiful sunflowers! We had spotted the flowers on the side of the road, and I asked my friend to stop so we could enjoy their beauty. My friend snapped this picture of me, and now I have that wonderful memory tucked away to enjoy whenever I need a reminder of the importance of taking time for ourselves.

How often have you rushed through your busy day, only to realize you didn’t take any time just for yourself? Take a look outside your window and see this wonderful world God has given us. Today, I want to inspire you to take 30 minutes to do something special for yourself! I even took two hours recently to complete a sunflower painting. Despite my crazy schedule, it’s something I’d been wanting to paint for a very long time . . . but I just kept saying I didn’t have time. This week, I made some tough decisions to find time to stop and smell the roses—well, in this instance to paint sunflowers. Vincent van Gogh, look out! After all, if I don’t take time for myself and enjoy life, no one else will do it for me.

Enjoy your week, everyone! XO Shari

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