It’s Okay To Honor Your True Feelings

I recently read a funny saying that made me burst out laughing: “I meditate. I burn candles. I drink green tea, and I still want to smack some people.”  Yes . . . we are all human sharing a human experience.  How true that sometimes we are just going to get angry with others.  But it’s also true it’s okay to honor your true feelings.

I find myself working very hard to remain a positive person. Every day I must do my best to view each new situation that comes up in my life in the most positive light I am capable of. But sometimes things just don’t go our way. We cry, we get angry, we have an off day, and we feel depressed . . . but God gave us those feelings for a reason, so it’s perfectly okay to honor your true feelings. By honoring the negative feelings, you cleanse yourself of the emotion and the situation. It doesn’t always mean you now are in a negative-manifesting mode . . . just take the time needed to release those feelings and refocus yourself back to a positive state as soon as you are ready. Look at it as a metaphysical timeout, so to speak.

To honor your true feelings is a gift . . . and it truly sets us aside from our animal companions. It’s the very core of what makes us human. Learning to focus positively after releasing a negative emotion takes practice and perseverance. It doesn’t always come easy. I was reminded of the idea to honor your true feelings after a particularly rough week. Everything seemed to be going wrong. I’d had a disagreement with a friend, I was behind on my work projects due to a computer glitch, my car needed an unexpected repair, and I pulled a muscle in my calf! Argggh . . . I angrily thought to myself. What else can go wrong?!

Of course those were the wrong words to choose! Next, I had an unexpected call that my web developer could not finish my project by the deadline we had planned. I took a moment and screamed—and then I simply cried. But, once I was finished, I pulled myself together and realized, “It’s really how you handle your anger that defines you.”

Yes, it’s okay to honor your true feelings and get angry once in a while, but next, I made the decision to get myself back on track and shift my focus. I said aloud to the Universe, “No matter what else happens this week, I am in control of me! I will send love to all the situations in my life and know they will turn around quickly.” And all day long I sent a loving thought to any situation that came into my mind, and I gave thanks that it was completely taken care of and healed.

Within a few days, my friend and I resolved our disagreement; my computer was fixed and I was back on track for work; my car was efficiently repaired and for less money than I had expected; I found a new web developer, who was able to offer me a better solution; and I used Reiki to help heal my calf muscle in only one week. (I am pretty sure I experienced a miracle there, as I had a second-degree muscle strain that normally takes two to four weeks to heal!)

Less-than-ideal things in life will happen, of course—and while it’s okay to honor your true feelings, it’s also equally important to handle your anger in a positive and loving manner. Today, I vow to release and let go of all negative thoughts. I will honor my anger and release it. Those feelings were just an illusion, since there is only Love.

Have a positive week in honor of your feelings! XO Shari

2 thoughts on “It’s Okay To Honor Your True Feelings”

  1. Great post Shari!

    One of the best ways that I deal with days when it seems like the universe is conspiring against you, is to go into full GRATITUDE mode. I try to start every day like that (every day I wake up is a GREAT day) – but whenever something (anything) doesn’t go the way I want or expect, I am just grateful for the experience and knowing that something even better is right around the corner.


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