YOLO—You Only Live Once Or Do You?

YOLO—You Only Live Once . . . or do you? YOLO is a buzzword these days, reminding us to take chances and make the most out of our lives, but I think we might be missing the point. We don’t live only once. We live every single day! And there’s no limit to how much we can live and enjoy our lives.

So what makes the difference in how we live our lives on a daily basis? It’s all about the choices we make that define and enrich our lives—day in and day out. Think about it this way: if today you enjoyed your life like you had never done before, what would you do differently? Would you jump out of bed in the morning and make choices that were bolder, brighter, and more in alignment with your true authentic self?

My own example came to me when I felt like I had fallen into a rut with my life. I was working 50 hours a week and barely keeping up with everything I needed to do. Feeling frazzled, I finally yelled, “Enough! You only live once!” I sat myself down and carved out time for having more fun—something sorely lacking in my life at that time. I began to plan something enjoyable to do every day. This included meeting friends after work for a bite to eat, getting a long-overdue massage, and entering a 5K charity event—and I’m not even a runner!

Then I began to plan even more adventuresome things like a trip to Costa Rica. I can now proudly say I zip-lined in the Costa Rican jungle during a yoga retreat. I even shouted, “You only live once!” when I was the first person to jump off the zip-line platform. I wholeheartedly embraced the idea of fully living each and every day.

Sometimes YOLO can be used as an excuse to do something we’re not proud of, too. This may be a time when our choice was a poor one—like “I got so wasted, I can’t even remember how many drinks I had! Well ‘you only live once’!” But, ultimately, the next morning when we are too sick to enjoy the beautiful day that God put in front of us, perhaps thinking of YOLO only as a positive statement in the future might be a better approach.

What if you looked at YOLO as an opportunity to take a risk and try something you’ve always wanted to do or to tell someone you’re sorry for something that hurt their feelings or to decide to take that long-overdue vacation to a foreign country by yourself—because you aren’t waiting any longer for the perfect person to show up and join you. How awesome and inspiring would that be? Yippee!—or should I say “YOLO!”

Now take this pledge: Today and every day, I will choose to wake up with excitement, to enthusiastically tackle the wonderful day God has given me, to accept the challenges that come my way, to be grateful for all the things I’ve been given as well as for all the things I’ve worked hard for, but most important, to live an extraordinary life filled with joy, laughter, and love. You only live once.

Have a wonderful week, everyone! XO Shari

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