Dr. Wayne Dyer: The Power Of I Am

I have always been a great fan of Dr. Wayne Dyer, and I was very saddened when he passed away several year ago in August. Dr. Dyer is well known for the power of the I Am statement. This week, I’d love to share his concept because it is such a wonderful tool for manifesting what we desire. So what does “I Am” mean? The idea is to create a positive mantra of what you believe you already are—but not a statement of what you are seeking. The latter would imply the “lack” of it. Examples of positive statements include, “I Am Greatly Loved,” “I Am Successful,” “I Am Beautiful,” “I Am Special,” and “I Am Healthy.”

This concept seems so simple, but practicing it every day can be a challenge! At first, your brain will argue with you and say the opposite, “I am not beautiful!” But if you chose the statement “I Am beautiful,” stop and look in the mirror several times a day and say to yourself, “I Am Beautiful.” Say it slowly and as many times as you need to say it to feel comfortable hearing your words. As you become more comfortable hearing yourself speak it, you might even break into a smile one day as you are saying your “I Am” statement.

You see the twinkle in your eye as you look at yourself in the mirror. You face is shining and happy. You have taken time to fix your hair and you look wonderful! You finally start to believe, “You know what? I Am  Beautiful!” Then the Laws of Attraction take over, and suddenly others notice it too and say, “Wow! I don’t know what it is about you today, but you look really beautiful.” The power of I Am will have done its magic!

No matter what you are trying to attract—money, love, great health, or anything else you desire—the power of I Am will have the same effect. Once you start to believe your “I Am” statement, the Universe steps in and provides the opportunity and helps to make it happen.

This particular week, I was struggling a bit with trying to tackle too many things at once. I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed and even victimized at one point. I finally made myself stop and said, “I Am a warrior! I can handle anything. Universe, help me to get everything under control so that my life runs smoother and easier!” Later that same evening, I went to my yoga class and mirrored my earlier statement of “I Am.” I did the “warrior pose” for my class as usual. “I really am a warrior,” I said with a laugh as my friend snapped the picture of me.

This week, I will repeat my “I Am” statement until I believe it to be true. I will not waiver until it is ingrained in my subconscious. I am keeping my faith and strength as I navigate the challenging waters called life. I Am capable of doing anything I set my mind to.

What “I Am” statement are you? Think carefully, and choose as many as you like. I Am excited! Namaste. XO Shari

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