The World Is An Abundant Place

I was reminded this past week of a very important spiritual concept: The world is an abundant place. The idea of abundance seems straightforward, but do we really believe the idea that there’s more than enough to go around for everyone? To be abundant means to be plentiful and prosperous—to have enough of what you desire. So why would we choose to view our world from a place of inadequacy or scarcity instead?

Have you found yourself getting up in the morning, then immediately rushing around, and soon you are focusing your attention on what isn’t going right in your day? You become frustrated, and then your day just seems to spiral out of control. Things seem to keep getting worse as the day progresses, and all because you’re focusing on the “lack” or the negative aspects of your life: what you can’t get done, what went wrong yesterday, and what you aren’t able to accomplish today. You feel you lack an abundance of time to do the things you want to do. To transform that into something positive, I challenge you to say, “The world is an abundant place” and shift your perspective.

It’s true that we all have insanely busy lives these days. There’s so much more to do than our linear view of time will allow us to accomplish. To make matters worse, we desire things we think we’ll never attract because we’re not deserving of them. We think there’s not enough “good stuff” out there to go around, so perhaps focusing on less, not more, is the right solution. I’d love to change your thoughts to “the world is an abundant place” and help you believe that God intends for you to have everything you desire – love, money, health, time, etc. So how do we change our thought patterns? Below are some tools that have been very helpful to me:

Start your day by taking a deep breath and finding fifteen minutes in the morning to focus your attention on your abundance. This will be the most important fifteen minutes of your day. Breathe deeply and do a short meditation—be grateful for every wonderful thing you’ve attracted into your life thus far. Next, think about the positive things you expect to attract. Notice I use the word “expect”—not what you “would like” to attract. The Law of Attraction dictates that by setting an expectation and then “feeling” that you already have these new things in your life . . . you automatically begin to attract them, because you believe they will occur. This does take a bit of practice, but in the midst of our crazy schedules, it can be a vey powerful tool to shift your thoughts and transform your life.

Each evening, take ten minutes to write in a journal of gratitude. Jot down all the things you accomplished that day and the abundance you’ve already attracted into your life. Keep a list of what you expect to attract and plan out steps to make it happen. For example, if it’s a relationship you desire, write down the wonderful qualities of that special person and how he or she would treat you. Imagine the feeling of being happy because this person has come into your life. Know that person is just around the corner because you deserve him or her!

Next be grateful for every person who asks you out on a date—even if he or she does not become ‘the one’ you envision dating. Write in your journal the wonderful qualities of the person you attracted. Don’t view the person as “lacking” what you desire; instead, appreciate that person’s kindness. Tell them so, too, even if your answer is no.

Write in your gratitude journal every evening to show your appreciation for all the things you’ve attracted thus far. There is more than enough abundance in the world, and you don’t have to settle for less than you desire! Shine your Light in every situation, and you will attract more of what you desire.

Remember, the world is an abundant place because you opened yourself up to receiving it.

Have a week filled with amazing joy and abundance my friends! XO Shari

6 thoughts on “The World Is An Abundant Place”

  1. A wonderful intuitive guidance on how to vibrationally manifest the desired outcomes in our lives. All is frequency and vibration. Thoughts and emotions are higher the frequencies of our physical events.

  2. If one can understand who you really are, “A Spiritual being” in a material costume, in a situation of a impasse, we need not be ashamed to ask for divine intervention or for that matter from your family, friends and even from strangers, as long as what is needed is for something positive.


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