A Leap Of Faith

In my blog posts this month, we’ve learned to take a risk; be in control of our lives by taking the helm and steering; and to weather some nasty storms. But when do we need to take a leap of faith and simply make a major change, despite not knowing if we’ll be successful?

You’ve likely heard the phrase “Take a leap of faith,” and perhaps there are many ways to interpret it. But I like to think of a leap of faith as believing in or doing something that seems unlikely—especially when the outcome is uncertain. Typically, this is necessary when something in our lives needs to dramatically change and we’ve reached a point where there’s nothing left to do but leap . . .

I was reminded of this amazing concept many years ago when I was struggling with my life. I had a successful corporate career, a nice home, and good friends, but very little time to enjoy the things in life that I valued the most. I worked 70+ hours a week and found myself exhausted. I finally took a big leap of faith . . . and I pulled the plug on my career, moved myself to Florida, and started my own consulting business. It was a very risky decision, and I felt as if I had jumped off a cliff. But, ultimately, making these changes has given me the life I desired—one of balance and time to pursue my true passions: art and writing.

In my upcoming novel, Journey of the Lightworker, my main character, Kyra, also makes some major changes in her life and is propelled forward on an unexpected journey. Ultimately, she too takes a leap of faith and creates a very different life than she had ever dreamed was possible.

This week I ask you, “What area of your life is demanding change?” Then carefully plan the steps necessary to make that change. Next, I challenge you to take a bold leap . . . and then let go and let God. After all, when we leap and have faith in the outcome, we find that God is right there with us, supporting us all along. XO Shari

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