Take The Helm And Steer

An awesome thought came to me this week about setting a course for our lives. It’s always fun to be a passenger, but sometimes it’s important to take the helm and steer. Instead of just going along with what’s expected or most comfortable, let’s be more proactive and decide on a specific course of action to take.

I realized this concept when I was boating with friends one weekend. The captain, a good friend, gave me the helm and said, “Shari, would you like to take control?” I love boating, so for me the answer was a fast, “Yes, thank you!” Many of my girlfriends would pass on this offer because they’re afraid to drive a boat, which made me think, “What areas of my life would be better if I take the helm and steer, instead of sitting back and waiting randomly for things to happen?”

How do we go about setting a course for our lives? I have a very simple plan to share with you:

  1. We do this by first creating a clear vision of where we’d like to go. Where do we see ourselves in the next week, next year, or in five years?
  2. Then, we set specific goals to achieve our vision. Write down in your daily log specific ways to achieve what you desire. For example, if you’re looking to become a great public speaker, start with baby steps such as speaking in front of your friends. Then branch out to speaking at a small luncheon on a prepared topic. Choosing something you’re passionate about is helpful because it squelches your nervousness. Lastly, take the initiative to sign up for a public speaking course despite your nervousness. Setting clear goals for your vision is critical.
  3. Finally, we should have measurable outcomes. Ha! Maybe that sounds a little “corporate,” but you get the idea. Basically, you must commit to the goals you’ve outlined and then be able to see and measure your successes—no matter how small they are. Write down in your daily journal what you achieve, and you may be surprised at how far you’ve come with just a little bit of effort.

To avoid life happening to us, rather than happening for us, we must have an actionable plan in place with benchmarks to measure our progress. But, most of all, we must take the helm and steer. Now, having said all that, remember, it’s always about the journey and not the destination. Writing about journeys is one of my passions and my book, Journey of the Lightworker, was completed one step at a time.

Safe steering this week on your journey to success! XO Shari

2 thoughts on “Take The Helm And Steer”

  1. 8 years ago after corporate America as CFO I quit n started a small little company with a partner. Committed my life savings. Lived on credit cards. But no passion for accounting anymore. Took the helm n chartered my own course. 8 years later all money paid back. Debt free in business. Winter 5 months in fort Myers beach. More money than ever made as CFO



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