We All Must Weather Storms In Life

Here in Florida when hurricane season rolls around, we never know when the next tropical storm or hurricane will hit. It’s not really of matter of if, but when. This reminds me that, in life, we all have storms we must endure—both physical and emotional. During the storm, it may feel as if the whole world is blowing out of control, but all we can do is stand strong, wait it out, and seek out the peace that lives inside of us no matter what the “weather” outside is doing.

Whether it’s a physical storm or an emotional one, the storm will pass. I was reminded of this when I was dealing with a distressing family issue. My former father-in-law was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Despite my being divorced for a number of years, we had always remained very close—he was like my real father, as my own dad had passed away many years earlier. I made a special trip to Texas to spend time with him, and he passed a few months later. While the emotional storm seemed almost unbearable at times, it was the calm and peace in the aftermath that kept my faith in place. We all must weather storms in life; that is a given. In my case, the time I spent with my family in the midst of our storm was a heartfelt and priceless experience.

Storms can also cleanse us of the things we need to release. This enables us to make room and manifest what we most desire. For instance, think about how a physical storm cleanses and purifies the air. Following the storm—even a hurricane—the air is so fresh and crisp. It’s like we’ve been given a whole new beginning and the world is ready for us to start fresh, too.

Of course we also have the eye of the hurricane—a special moment in the middle of a horrific event in which peace and quiet surrounds us. This happens right before the final part of the storm hits and washes everything clean. The “eye” is perhaps our moment of clarity in which we realize that, although we have no control over the “weather,” we can choose how we handle our storms.

This week, I choose to find peace during stormy weather. I know the calm is just around the corner and on the horizon. I will keep my faith that God has a special plan for me, no matter how dark the clouds may become. I will look for the rainbow after the storm and know that I was protected all along.

Have a peaceful week, my friends, and be patient for the calm after the storm. XO Shari

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