Author: Shari A. Hembree


Choose To Be Happy And Dance In The Rain

With the arrival of March 20, we have the start of the spring season! And, here in Florida, we do love our afternoon showers—“spring showers,” as I like to think of them. But during a recent rainy weekend, I momentarily got grumpy thinking: This is going to mess up my plans!  I quietly shifted my

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Divine Inspiration

It’s Okay To Ask For Help

I was reminded recently that’s it’s okay to ask for help, which, ironically, is something I typically don’t feel comfortable doing. I love to be independent, but clearly, the Universe had a different message to send to me this week. I was in my garage, preparing to run to the grocery store. I planned to

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Don’t Take Anything Personally

Here’s a groovy thought for your week and one that I think is very important: Don’t take anything personally. I was reminded of this great advice when I recently reread one of my long-time favorite books, The Four Agreements. In this delightful guide to personal freedom, author don Miguel Ruiz introduces the four agreements—the second

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Releasing Fear

The First Step In Our Journey: Releasing Fear

In my last post, I talked about the Art of Transformation and the miracles in store for us, but how do we go about starting the process of change? Every journey requires a first step. I think the best analogy I can offer is to imagine yourself as a huge, beautiful sailboat. You’re docked safely

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Unconditional Love—You Do Deserve It!

Unconditional love can be defined simply as love without any conditions or limitations. This type of love can come to us in many forms: through a wonderful soul-mate relationship, from our family and friends, and even from our small furry friends . . . our pets! In fact, I think the easiest way to understand

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The Art Of Transformation

You may not know this, but The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is one of my all-time favorite books! If you haven’t yet read this wonderful story, it’s about a young man from Spain who goes on an amazing journey seeking his Personal Legend, or his destiny. Along the way, he meets an Alchemist who teaches

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Self-Love—The Greatest Love Of All

Yes, it’s finally February—the month of love . . . and Valentine’s Day! We can celebrate Valentine’s Day only on the fourteenth or choose instead to celebrate all month long! Better yet, this month, let’s choose to celebrate the power of self-love—the greatest love of all. After all, the first step in all loving relationships

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What Is Authenticity?

Who is that person behind the mask? And why would someone choose to hide his or her real self? My upcoming novel, Journey of the Lightworker, explores the concept of authenticity—or being true to one’s internal beliefs rather than externally imposed ideas. The more we look outside ourselves to create a sense of identity, the further

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Are You A Lightworker?

You may be wondering how I began my spiritual journey on the path of a Lightworker—and why I made that decision. The answer isn’t simple, and it’s been a progression for me. As Lightworkers, we honor life as an expression of love, not fear; we may also have spiritual gifts, such as heightened intuition or

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Seeing The Beauty In Everyone

“The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.” ~Audrey Hepburn I stepped outside for my morning walk and passed an elderly couple holding hands. It was obvious how much they were in love by the way they looked

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