Author: Shari A. Hembree


It’s Okay To Honor Your True Feelings

I recently read a funny saying that made me burst out laughing: “I meditate. I burn candles. I drink green tea, and I still want to smack some people.”  Yes . . . we are all human sharing a human experience.  How true that sometimes we are just going to get angry with others.  But

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National Volunteer Week: You Are A Point Of Light

For those of you who know me well, you appreciate how much I enjoy volunteer work to help those in need, so I am especially excited that April 21 through April 27 is National Volunteer Week. Points of Light, a volunteer organization, established National Volunteer Week in 1974. This program “is about inspiring, recognizing and

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Our Relationships Are Greatly Enhanced When We Generously Receive

A thought came to me this past weekend while I was at dinner with a dear friend: Our relationships are greatly enhanced when we not only generously give, but also when we generously receive. I’ve personally found it’s so easy to remember to give to those around us, and even volunteering our time is fantastic,

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Positive Manifesting

YOLO—You Only Live Once Or Do You?

YOLO—You Only Live Once . . . or do you? YOLO is a buzzword these days, reminding us to take chances and make the most out of our lives, but I think we might be missing the point. We don’t live only once. We live every single day! And there’s no limit to how much

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Taking Time For Ourselves: Stop And Smell The Roses

I was reminded this past week about how important taking time off can be—and that we should enjoy the simple pleasures in life. I’d let my crazy schedule get the best of me, only to realize that I was not taking any time for myself to simply “be.” Seeing how frazzled I was, a good

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Choose To Be Happy And Dance In The Rain

With the arrival of March 20, we have the start of the spring season! And, here in Florida, we do love our afternoon showers—“spring showers,” as I like to think of them. But during a recent rainy weekend, I momentarily got grumpy thinking: This is going to mess up my plans!  I quietly shifted my

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Divine Inspiration

It’s Okay To Ask For Help

I was reminded recently that’s it’s okay to ask for help, which, ironically, is something I typically don’t feel comfortable doing. I love to be independent, but clearly, the Universe had a different message to send to me this week. I was in my garage, preparing to run to the grocery store. I planned to

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Don’t Take Anything Personally

Here’s a groovy thought for your week and one that I think is very important: Don’t take anything personally. I was reminded of this great advice when I recently reread one of my long-time favorite books, The Four Agreements. In this delightful guide to personal freedom, author don Miguel Ruiz introduces the four agreements—the second

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Releasing Fear

The First Step In Our Journey: Releasing Fear

In my last post, I talked about the Art of Transformation and the miracles in store for us, but how do we go about starting the process of change? Every journey requires a first step. I think the best analogy I can offer is to imagine yourself as a huge, beautiful sailboat. You’re docked safely

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Unconditional Love—You Do Deserve It!

Unconditional love can be defined simply as love without any conditions or limitations. This type of love can come to us in many forms: through a wonderful soul-mate relationship, from our family and friends, and even from our small furry friends . . . our pets! In fact, I think the easiest way to understand

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