Author: Shari A. Hembree


Let’s Celebrate Birthdays All Year Long!

This past week I celebrated my birthday with all my wonderful friends—despite that is was a major holiday weekend. Much to my amazement, about forty of my “besties” came out to share in the festivities of becoming another year older. For me, birthdays are always a mixture of fun and self-reflection—a sort of personal “New

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Give Thanks Every Day For Your Blessings

Thanksgiving is almost upon us—and what a wonderful inspiration for my topic today! This, of course, is the day you gather together with family or close friends, have a lovely dinner, and give thanks right before consuming a huge meal. Do you only give thanks once a year on this special holiday? If so, what

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Love Is The Most Powerful Force

I just finished reading the most amazing book by Marianne Williamson called A Return to Love: Reflecting on the Principles of A Course in Miracles. Many of you may already be familiar with this book, but ironically, it’s how the book came to my attention that I want to share with you. I was going

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Powerful Thoughts

Take The Bull By The Horns

A year back, I attended a rodeo in Davie, Florida, which reminded me of a funny, yet timeless, saying: Take the bull by the horns. Conjuring up images of the old West in my mind, I asked myself, “What does this saying really mean to us today?” To take the bull by the horns is

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