Journey of the Lightworker

Journey of the Lightworker is an intricately woven tale of a woman living the American dream. Kyra has it all—a successful career, a luxurious condo in San Francisco, a gorgeous boyfriend, and the tranquil shores of the Pacific Ocean to enjoy. She adores her time in nature, including nearby Muir Woods, and this becomes her personal sanctuary. It’s her special time with the Universe for reconnecting with her true inner self and dreaming of how her life could be different and more fulfilling.

On the surface, Kyra appears to be happy, but in reality, her stressful corporate career leaves her little time to enjoy the things she values most in life. As she struggles to find more meaning, a long-forgotten childhood dream begins to emerge and haunt her. After many sleepless nights searching for answers, Kyra is reminded by her dream of happier times—when everything was possible if only she desired it. Recognizing that she is hungry for change, the Universe intervenes and a series of life-changing events shatter her world. Kyra is propelled forward on an unintentional quest for authenticity, self-love, and discovering her life’s true purpose.

From San Francisco to Israel, Spain, Japan, and finally England, this enchanting adventure immerses the reader in the local culture with striking scenery, tantalizing cuisine, and rich morsels of the language. As Kyra reconnects with family and friends, each new experience takes her another step closer to healing from old emotional wounds and learning to enjoy life again—just as she once did in her childhood dream. Pressing forward on her metaphysical voyage, Kyra rediscovers her power, her spirit, and her ability to love. As she becomes fully healed and whole, she learns her important role in healing the world.

In this semi-allegorical tale, Kyra’s true feelings are hidden beneath the surface, just as spiritual truths are seamlessly woven throughout the chapters of the novel. This story crosses the boundaries of everyday reality into metaphysics, offering the reader a chance to see the world with fresh eyes. Anyone on a quest to discover their true passion in life—and follow it fearlessly—will find Kyra’s journey along this magical path refreshing, thought provoking, and inspirational.


Journey of a Lightworker takes its reader on a spiritual voyage that follows both an inward and outward trajectory. In spite of having earned all the trappings of success and the American Dream, Kyra felt inexplicably empty inside. Nature was her only true solace . . . until a distant memory began to emerge—a childhood dream that opened a portal that began to beckon her with increasing urgency.

If you’ve ever felt an emotional itch you’re not sure how to scratch, you’ll want to take this extraordinary, paradigm-shifting journey alongside Kyra—both inward and across oceans—as she discovers what truly matters. Shari Hembree inspires even the most cynical reader to dare to dream of harnessing real magic right here on Earth.

~Lisa McCourt, National Bestselling Author of Free Your Joy, Chicken Soup for Little Souls, I Love You Stinky Face, and other books about love and joy. Her books have sold over nine million copies.

Have you ever longed for an adventurous life, culinary sensory stimulation, and soul-stirring conversations? Get ready to awaken your dream of potentials! Shari’s rich novel, Journey of the Lightworker, takes the reader on an odyssey for the spirit showing us how Lightworkers can live from their intuitive heart center, naturally unfold their dreams, and succeed in this earth life. Amazing read!

~Kevin Lee, Amazon International Bestselling Author, Transformation Coach & Speaker.

In this inspiring novel, Shari takes the reader on a lyrical, magical and believable journey of spiritual self-discovery . . . Shari’s portrayal of Kyra’s unfolding into her true authentic self is mesmerizing: it’s like watching a flower blossom. . . A must read for anyone seeking to find their inner light, personal transformation, deeper spiritual awakening, and to explore the path of a Lightworker.

~SarahSpiritual, Radio Personality, Spiritual Advisor & Teacher.

Journey of the Lightworker is a beautifully written story of a woman, Kyra, who seeming has it all only to lose almost everything she values in just one day. These unexpected turns of events are the catalyst for Kyra to begin opening her heart and creating a closer relationship with God. I loved Kyra’s magical journey through Israel, Spain, Japan, and England. As she begins to heal her heart, she grows exponentially in her love, spirituality, and healing abilities.

~ Joelle St. Germaine, Producer, Event Planner & Teacher

Journey of the Lightworker is an enlightening story, very refreshing . . . the narrative is like speaking to a friend who understands you the best . .  . This is a brilliant novel, especially for people who are facing a change in their life. 

~ Recipient of Prestigious Five-Star Rating From Readers’ Favorite